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  • Pro Woodworking Tips.com is a woodworking tips and information site. Created to provide a great resource for professional woodworking tips, tricks and techniques for anyone wanting to learn the art of woodworking.
  • Completed Room with Avidiore Crotch Bar. The entire room was transformed into a formal space. All Design work was done by K - Gallery, Art and Design. The Marble fireplace mantle, Onyx Counter on the bar, and the Limestone floor was done by Nick Kasick. All construction and cabinetry was done by L. A. Jesberger, Inc.
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  • Introduction To Woodworking. The introduction to woodworking can be a little daunting. If you concentrate initially on basic hand tool use, cabinet design and construction techniques, and have the patience to develop these skills you're almost guaranteed to succeed.
  • Woodworking. So much is written about this popular hobby, it is quite possible to become very proficient at it even if self taught through reading.
  • Glossary of terms for woodworkers. A link to the terms used in Pro Woodworking Tips.com.
  • Woodworking Terms and Joints. A description of woodworking terms and joints, and their typical application, including woodworking definitions.
  • Woodworking Tips and Tricks. Wood working tips can be a helpful source of information for all wood workers.
  • Setting Up a Home Woodshop. There are many things to consider when setting up a woodshop at home. The task can be somewhat intimidating.
  • Shop Layout Software. Shop layout software provided by Delte Woodworking Machinery. This software will help DIY woodworkers and professionals alike.
  • Cutting Plywood. A problem for every woodworker is how to accurately cut plywood. Or any other sheet goods, like Plywood, Partical Board, Melamine, and M.D.F.
  • As the name implies, an infeed table is one that would be used on the front of your table saw, facilitating the feeding of sheet materials, like plywood, M.D.F. and Melamine into the cutting device
  • General Woodworking Topics. Pro woodworking tips is dedicated to making professoinal advice and techniques available to anyone interested in learning general woodworking techniques.
  • In woodworking, as with all art, proportions are the key to building any piece of furniture. Eighteenth century craftsmen were masters of proportion.
  • Proportions, continued. Eighteenth century craftsmen were the masters of proportion. At no time was there more emphasis placed on the importantance of proper porportioning.
  • Fibonacci Series of numbers. The series of numbers that make up the Fibonacci Series. Without a knowledge of these numbers, porportions will be difficult at best.
  • Process of taking rough lumber to finished lumber. Uses the various woodworking machines to complete this phase. Introduces the user to the ezee-feed system.
  • Mock Ups, and why bother? One way to be certain of a successful project is to build a Mock up.
  • Mock Ups. The importance of mock up's cannot be over emphasized. While it takes a while to get used to the idea, it will pay off ten fold.
  • Band sawing lumber is an efficient way to straighten edges, or cut veneers, in addition to cutting curves.
  • Rip sled attatched to a table saw, as provided by Ezee-Feed Mfg. Designed to rip, or straight line rough lumber, quickly, without using a jointer.
  • Table Saw Kick Back. MOre often then not, kick back on a table saw could be avoided simply by using a splitter.
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  • Buying woodworking tools can be a confusing process. The single most important factor is buy high quality tools. Poor tools generally equate to poor results.
  • Masters of the 18th Century, From my humble opinion, comes the statement, this is a period in time that generated the finest woodworking craftsmen that ever lived!
  • Masters of the 18th Century pg. 2 Continued from page one. The Philadelphia school craftsmen are my personal favorites.
  • Multi Purpose machines.These machines, like Shopsmith, while taking longer to work with are excellent investments for people considering making Woodworking a business, but face a space problem.
  • Pinch Dogs. While we don't recommend pinching dogs, we fully endorse using these simple devices.
  • Making a Living In Woodworking. While anyone reading this page will have some level of interest in making a living at woodworking, be it furniture or cabinet making...
  • Making a Living In Woodworking pg.2. The romance moves out, while the long hours, and electrronic leashes move in. Phones, Faxes, computers...
  • Professional or Amatuer woodworker. Sometimes the difference is very subtle.
  • Professional or Amatuer woodworker page two
  • Professional or Amatuer woodworker page three.
  • Plexiglas in a Woodshop. While it sounds somewhat strange, there are many reasons to keep a supply of lexan or plexiglas in your woodshop.
  • Solid Wood Edging For Plywood. Cabinets are usually made using some sort of sheet goods. Quite often it is plywood, and the need often arises to conceal the edges.
  • Improving the Effectiveness of Your Workbench can be achieved quite easily by using a vacuum sytem. Some minor modifications can result in time saving procedures.
  • Cutting Circles From Wood. There are a number of methods for cutting circles from wood. A large determining factor is the tools you have available.
  • Cabinet making tips. Index for tips on cabinet making techniques. Includes photos and descriptions. Includes tips for basic cabinet making
  • Furniture Making Tips Index. Tips and techniques, along with detailed project photos, and explainations.
  • Furniture Basics. Making fine furniture starts with the basics. Practicing basic techniques, just to improve on them, is a very good practice.
  • Dining Room Table Design. A great woodworking project for the home workshop. A practical project that will earn "brownie points", with your better half.
  • Build a dining room table, This is a great way to build a dining room table. The use of resin coated, honey comb cardboard allows for an extremely strong, stable, and yet lightweight construction.
  • Build A Dining Room Table part 2 Starting the lay up of the veneer for this dining room table. Step by step will keep it from becoming over whelming.
  • Build A Dining Room Table Part 3 The continuing process of laying up the veneer and completing the dining room table.
  • Demilune Tables. Demilune, or hall tables are a great way to practice several woodworking techniques, and in the process, end up with product with a large demand.
  • Custom Desk. Building a custom desk with an unusual shape. Several challenging details to overcome.
  • Custom Desk - page two. A continuation of the tips to build a custom desk with four curved sides.
  • Custom Desk - page three. A continuation from page two on building a custom desk.
  • Custom Desk - page four. Continuing the process of building this custom desk. Attatching the legs, usins custom turned stainless steel parts.
  • Custom Desk - page five. Continuing the process of building this custom desk. Building the drawer.
  • Custom Desk - page six
  • 18th Century Dressing Table. A dressing table made in the style of the 18th century. A fun but challenging project
  • 18th Century Dressing Table - page two. Continuing with the construction of the dressing table.
  • 18th Century Dressing Table - page three. Continuing with the construction of the dressing table.
  • Building a curved cabinet. Any furniture or cabinet requiring curves, presents some challanges. The right materials can make this much easier.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center, part two. Having completed the top and bottom blanks, it's time to get started with the base.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center pg. 3 Continuing the small, curved entertainment cabinet.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Cabinet.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center . Page five continues with a design change. It also covers making curved doors, using bending plywood.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center. Continuing the process by making the curved doors.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center pg. 7 . Making the radial patterns with veneer takes a bit of time, but the looks are worth it.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center pg. 8. Gluing the radial patterns, and making the flat panel doors.
  • Building a Small Entertainment Center pg.9. As The project is coming close to being finished, and I can get a feel for the final look, I thought a design in the two ends of the top would look good.
  • Veneering Index. Articles and photos to make understanding the art of veneering a little less mysterious.
  • The art of veneering, and it truly is an art, if properly done, dates back to around 1500 B.C.! Veneer is still used on high quality furniture.
  • Veneer types A brief description of the types of veneers, and where to buy them, Raw, paper backed and peel and stick are available.
  • Veneer tools are pretty basic, with a few specialty items thrown in. Most of these tools have an option, or counter part that will work as well.
  • Veneer cuts are the processes used in cutting the veneer from the log, and varies depending upon the pattern desired, the log itself, where from the tree it's being cut.
  • Flattening raw veneer and preparing it for use. Raw veneer are often recieved not flat. This is especially true of burls and crotches.
  • Two formulas for veneer softener. Easy to mix, easy to use, works like magic.
  • Cutting Veneers. We use several techniques in our shop to cut veneers. The factors to be considered are the type of veneer...
  • The process of joining veneers together is rather simple. This boils down to cutting the edges straight, and taping them together.
  • Quick method for making veneered borders. Borders add visual appeal to many projects, and are easy to make.
  • Mirror trick. When trying to make a radial pattern, or circle, oval, or half circle, a hinged mirror can be your best asset. This will permit you to quickly determine the most attractive pattern
  • Procedure for making a veneered raised panels. Used for cabinet doors, or Wainscote, it opens a world of possibilities.
  • Veneered Raised Panels part two.
  • Working With Veneer Video. Working with veneer can be a bit technical and rather involved, requiring step-by-step knowledge of the entire process. Follow Darryl Keil as he creates a four-way-matched walnut-burl tabletop, explaining and demonstrating each step.
  • Repairing Raw veneers for use. Often raw veneeers look beyomd being able to salvage them. etwee cracks, buckles, and holes, they can be intimidating for begimmers and pros alike.
  • Marquetry. One of the worlds leading experts on marquetry, Paul has produced this video, showing the possibilities of marquetry.
  • Getting Started With Wood Veneers. To many woodworkers, the subject of veneering brings one of three emotions. One is the thought that it is an inferior form of woodworking. This is a misconception.
  • Veneering, A Primer Course. For some, it could be that veneered furniture is thought to be inferior to solid wood furniture. This couldn't be further from the truth.
  • Marquetry is an artistic form of woodworking that is enjoyed by many. An age old practice, it is the forming or creating of pictures using various wood veneers, or other mediums.
  • Vacuum systems Index. Woodworking is greatly enhanced by the use of vacuum sytems. Vacuum clamps, vacuum bags for pressing veneers or curved parts, and vacuum templates.
  • Introduction to a series on vacuum techniques. Vacuum systems are an indespensable asset to any cabinet shop.
  • Continued from introduction, vacuum systems for wood workers have many applications. One very useful function of having a such a system is being able to make curves, or shaped parts.
  • Part three in a series on vacuum systems, techniques. Forming curves, doesn't always require the vacuum system, but when it does, it can't be beat.
  • One of our most frequent uses for the vacuum system is the vacuum bags. They make veneer work considerably easier.
  • Jigs for vacuum Systems, will make short work of many common tasks. The jigs shown are worth making.
  • The best selling project plans in 2008, from WOOD Magazine. Shop Accessories to make time in the shop more productive and enjoyable.
  • WOOD magazine Plans and Articles. We are proud to announce our affiliation with the WOOD Magazine' WOOD Store. This will permit us to make our site more useful for our readers.
  • Wood Store Main Page. Home page of our affiiate link with The Wood Store.
  • Wood Store - whats new. What's new over at the wood store?
  • Wood Store Plans. The wood store plans are some of the most popular available.
  • WOOD Magazine's Woodworking Secrets: Tips & Techniques. WOOD® magazine Master Craftsman Jim Heavey shares a variety of woodworking tips and techniques from lumber selection through stock preparation, joinery, glue-ups, and more. Packed with tips to improve your woodworking. Includes a 50-page PDF file with project plans, tips, and technique articles from the pages of WOOD magazine.
  • WOOD Magazine - Weekend Woodworking Projects. 52 issues of Weekend Woodworking Projects, a sister publication of WOOD Magazine that was published for nine years.
  • World's finest table saw accessory. Ezee-Feed System. Used to straight line rip sheet goods, or rough lumber, this device will reduce your physical excertion, as well as easilly double your productivity.
  • Cabinet Door Construction. How to make cabinet Doors. A major part of cabinet and furniture making, and often an area that causes stress to some woodworkers.
  • Sample Cabinet Doors. Samples of veneered doors we use for clients, in making a decision on woods and style.
  • Cabinet Door Cutters. These speciality ROUTER TABLE cutters make stile and rail work possible for the home shop.
  • Cabinet Door Shaper Cutters. These speciality SHAPER cutters make stile and rail work easy.
  • Items such as wardrobes are designed to perform a practical purpose whilst looking attractive, and that means the choice of material needs to be selected carefully.
  • Building a Dining Room Table. A recent commission was to build a dining room table, with three pedestals. The table needs to be able to seat twenty people.
  • Building A Dining Table - page 2. Continuing with the process of building your own dining room table.
  • Building a Dining Room Table. Part 3 of the series. Building a pedestal table. Turning the bases.
  • Woodworking Clamps and Vices. Building anything out of wood requires clamps and vises to fabricate and assemble you projects. Knowing what to use and when to use it requires some knowledge on what's available.
  • Quick Release Clamps. These small quick release clamps are very convenient. One handed use makes them the ideal clamp in many situations.
  • Bar Clamps. Bar clamps are a improvement over the original pipe clamps. The older versions were difficult to work with due to the top heavy design. They would tip or roll over making a glue up twice as difficult as need be. Thankfully, those days are behind us now.
  • Bessey K Body Clamps. These clamps are heavy duty parallel jaw clamps
  • Pipe Clamps. Pipe clamps are an inexpensive way to clamp your woodworking projects. While not the most convenient clamps, they are effective.
  • Wooden Hand Screw clamps are a classic design and have been a mainstay for woodworkers. While not used as much since the quick release type squeeze clamps, they still perform a job that the quick release one can't.
  • Miter Clamps. Using miter or angle clamps to glue up corners is one way of holding parts for you, so you can drill and screw parts together. Makes clamping woodworking projects easier.
  • Strap and Web Clamps. Using Strap or web clamps is an easy way of clamping a whole host of items. From mitered boxes to round or oval shapes, clamping for glue ups has been made a much easier task.
  • Vacuum Clamps. Some of the easiest and best clamping methods for woodworkers is using a vacuum system. They're easy to use, and they don't slip.
  • Clamping Tool Guides. Using a clamping guide is a very handy way to control the accuracy of cutting and shaping tools. With these clamps you're able to minimize the potential for poor cuts.
  • Lumberjocks.com. Excellent Woodworking Forum for everybody to post questions and comments, or suggestions. Must join, (free), to post.
  • Braggin' Board. We just couldn't resist adding a few of our projects to the site.
  • Woodworking Videos Podcasting has become very popular, and thanks to many woodworkers, instructional videos are plentiful.
  • Video - Making a raised panel with a hand plane. A You Tube video by Phil Edwards. Watch as Mr. Edwards shows us how to make a raised panel, using hand planes.
  • Video - Adjusting handmade planes. Phil Edwards has put together this short video to demonstrate how to adjust and fine tune blades in hand made planes.
  • Video - the Joint Genie system. This one's definately worth a watch! It's a demonstration of the Joint Genie system.
  • Video - Working wood in the 18th century. Anthony Lizzio presents working wood in the 18th century.
  • Sharpening a plane iron freehand. Grinding and honing a new Veritas plane blade.
  • A Buyers Guide To Lathes. Alan Holtham provides a video guide to buying a wood turning lathe.
  • Bosch Random Orbit Palm Sander. In this video Ben Plewes demonstrates the new Bosch GEX 125-1 AE Random Orbit Palm Sander.
  • How To Learn Woodworking.
  • How To Mill Rough Lumber
  • How To Make a Wood Cutting Board.
  • How To Make Basic Woodworking Joinery. A video from Fine Woodworking Magazine shows us basic joinery techniques.
  • How To Apply Iron-on Edge Banding. WOOD Magazine Senior Design Editor Kevin Boyle shows you how to apply iron-on edge banding to hide plywood's ugly edges.
  • How To Proportion Projects Pleasing To the Eye. WOOD Magazine Design Editor Jeff Mertz shows you how to use a Fibonacci Gauge. The Fibonacci gauge was named after 13th-century Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.
  • How To Lay Out an Ellipse. A video from Wood Magazine on how to lay out an Ellipse
  • How To Resaw found wood into usable lumber. From Wood magazine and Marlin Kemmet. A great video on resawing foung lumber.
  • Band Saw Magic. Watch as Adam Sandoval demonstrates incredible technique on the band saw. Can you guess what he's making?
  • Scott Phillips and Mark Dujinski demonstrate resawing on a bandsaw. Two well known woodworkers demonstrating bandsawing skills.
  • Free Woodworking Plans. We've searched the web to find free woodworking plans. Many are free, some are no, but are of high quality so we included them.
  • Extreme Bird Houses. There's a felllow in Ontartio who's making quite a name for himself through the ultimate in extreme birdhouses.
  • Mortise and Tenon Index. Articles and illustrations to make mortise and tenon joints. Includes tools and sources to buy them.
  • Mortise and Tenon Drawing. illustration of mortise and tenon joint.
  • Haunched Mortise and Tenon Drawing. Illustration of a common variation of the Mortise and Tenen joint.
  • Cutting the Mortise. One of the frequently used joints in Woodworking. Methods to make them range from common hand tools, to elaborate machinery.
  • Cutting the Mortise - part two. Methods to make them range from common hand tools, to elaborate machinery.
  • Cutting the Mortise - part three. A continuation in the topic of Mortise and tenon joints.
  • Mortising Tools. Mortising tools available online.
  • Cutting the Tenon. The male part of the joint. It should have a snug fit into the mortise.
  • Cutting the Tenon - part two. Additional methods for efficiently cutting the tenon.
  • Tenoning Tools. Online source for tenoning tools.
  • Adhesives Index. Basics on common adhesives used in woodworking.
  • Using Urea resin Glues. A rigid glue that once done cannot be reversed. Perfect for veneering with a press.
  • Yellow Glues. Poly Vinyl Acetate, or yellow glue, is the mainstay of the woodworking industry. The is a semi rigid glue with water resistant properties, and the ability to cross link.
  • Hide Glue. Using hot hide glue is a difficult process to master, but the rewards for knowing how, are immense. It is a centuries old process.
  • Contact Cement has limited uses in woodworking, but should not be forgotten.
  • Super glue to to the rescue. This glue has many advantages for the woodworker. Cyanoacrylate Glues are the industrial strength super glues.
  • Epoxy will perform like no other adhesives. With varying curing times, it has numerous applications, suited for woodworking.
  • Cold Press Veneer Glue. Manufactured by Tite Bond, this adhesive is specially formulated for veneer work.
  • Gorilla_Glue.html
  • Hand Tools for a Home Woodshop.Tools typically purchased for a home woodworking shop, their uses and suggested models.
  • Hand tools index. They are the mainstay of woodworking, whether they're powered or manual.
  • Marking Tools. Going beyond the pencil.There are a number of marking devices used in woodworking.
  • Wood chisels are used to rough out joints, and also to pare down pieces for a perfect fit. The right chisel for the job will lead to a successful ending.
  • Hand Planes. An item some of us have a tendency to get carried away with.Some colllect antiques, while others prefer to buy new. For those in this catagory, there's lie-nelsen...
  • Measuring devices and how to read them. I rarely see any articles on how to read a rule. This is a "just in case article".
  • Tuning a Hand or Block Plane. The difference in using a tuned hand or block plane, compared to one straight out of the box is staggering.
  • Carving Index. Wood carving can be both relaxing, and frustrating, and do it at the same time! Sharp, quality tools are a must.
  • Carving Introduction. Wood carving should be learned with care in mind, towards your body parts. Carve away from your body at all times.
  • My own personal preference in carving tools are Ashley Iles Tools. Sharp, quality tools are a must.
  • Carving Patterns. When possible, make a pattern to work from, as it makes it possible to duplicate later on.
  • Wood Carving Basics. From simple to more sophisticated techniques, you'll learn all the valuable skills you need to grow as a carver. After a while, you'll gain the confidence to try more complicated projects and experiment with pieces you've dreamed up yourself.
  • Stained Glass Index. Adding stained glass panels to your cabinet doors and furniture is an option that can add incredible color and beauty to your woodworking projects.
  • Master the Art of Stained Glass. A lot of people make stained glass and beveled glass artworks as a hobby or professionally.
  • Art Of Stained Glass. A 2007 feature on how stained glass was made produced by John Limbert and Sallie Black.
  • Creative Glass Guild - Glass Cutting Guide. The Creative Glass Guild provides a how to video on the techniques of cutting glass for stained glass projects.
  • Creative Glass Guild - Guide to sharpening a leading knife. A guide to how to sharpen a leading knife by ww.creativeglassguild.co.uk
  • Creative Glass Guild - Stringer Bending. Learn how to bend glass fusing stringers.
  • Creative Glass Guild - Cutting Circles. How to cut a circle from a piece of glass by www.creativeglassguild.co.uk
  • Learn How to Cut Glass. Learn how to cut glass with The Corning Museum of Glass staff. Cut glass is often used to make beautiful stained glass windows.
  • Stained Glass Glasscutting. A video on glass cutting techniques. Useful for adding stained glass to your woodworking projects.
  • Glasscutting Panels. A video on making stained glass panels for woodworking projects. An excellent way of creating a beautiful and unique project.
  • Cutting segments. The information given in the video's, show new possibilities and working-procedures with a lot of tips and tricks, to turn your hobby into succes.
  • A Lampshade Jig. Lampshade jig, suitable for any diameter, and a lot of other tips and trics, explained in part 1 (Tiffany, How to.) of the series "Stained Glass in Practice".
  • Tiffany - How To Video.
  • Stained Glass in Doubleglazing. The process to incorporate Stained Glass in doubleglazing, is easier and faster done, than you might think.
  • Fake leaded Cabinet Door stained glass inserts. Learn the difference between a faux stained glass window panel for your cabinet door.
  • How to choose what materials to use. With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard, or M.D.F. This is a material I hate to love. It's the perfect choice for so many applications.
  • Plywood is a sheet good and is one of the most commonly used materials in woodworking and construction. It's uses range from sub flooring and roof sheathing, to the very finest cabinets and furniture where numbered and matched sheets are often used.
  • Melamine. A popular sheet good, commonly used in inexpensive cabinet making,casework and ready to assemble furniture. A particle board core with a thin resin finish.
  • Honey Comb Cardboard. A unique, resin coated product, that offers a considerable advantage in creating large, stable, panels.
  • Table Saw Index. The table saw has many competing models and a huge after market accessory business.
  • Table Saw Safety. The safety rules provided with my Delta Unisaw.
  • Table Saws. The table saw is typically the most heavily used pieces of machinery in a woodshop. The uses for them range from rough cutting lumber to creating moldings.
  • Table Saws - Part 2 . Table saws come in different sizes and configurations. Some are designed for occasional use, while others are specific functions.
  • Forrest Saw Blades. It's unusual for one product to outshine it's competitor's by such a large degree, but...
  • Table Saw Accessories. With such a large use for these machines it's no wonder the accessory market is full of useful devices.
  • Table saw taper jig. These simple jigs offer a safe, simple way to make cutting tapers easy.
  • FeatherBow. A safety device worth using on your table saw.
  • Miter Gages. Miter gages are the main accessory used for cross cutting. These are supplied with the saw when you buy it. These tend to be very basic, but functional.
  • Table Saw Accessories Store. An online store for table saw accessories.
  • Tenoning Jig. The table saw tenoning jig is an accessory that can speed up cutting tenons, while increasing the accurary and safety of the process.
  • A very fast, safe way to rip rough lumber on the table saw, as opposed to several passes through a jointer. Works well for cutting tapers also.
  • An extremely well designed crosscut sled for your table saw! Thank's to Bob's Plans.com for sharing this with us.
  • Plywood Shuttle. Here's a ingenius device for moving plywood pr other sheet goods to your tsble saw.
  • Wood Shaper. The wood shaper is a very helpful machine, whether you have a garage woodshop or and commercial shop.
  • Router Table or Shaper. The differences between a router bit and a shaper cutter is rather large, and while they both serve the same basic function, the methods of use are quite large.
  • Our Rockler Superstore. Here you will find everything for woodworking, from tools to materials.
  • Scroll Saw Index. The scroll saw is one of the most popular and safe woodworking machines. This can provide hours of fun for the whole family.
  • Scroll Saws. The scroll saw is a very versitle saw. For some woodworkers this is one of the few tools they need!
  • Marquetry Basics. Marquetry is an artistic form of woodworking that is enjoyed by many. An age old practice, it is the forming or creating of pictures using various wood veneers
  • Radial Arm Saw. A work horse some believe to have out lived thier usefulness. There are still people who would prefer an arm saw to a table saw.
  • Festool Tool Line. Festools are without a doubt, some of the finest tools in the world.
  • Festool Multifunction Tables and Systainer Port
  • Festool Vacuum Systems and Dust Collectors. Some of the finest vacuum systems to keep your woodworking as dust free as possible.
  • Festool Sustainer System. The perfect way to keep your shop or jobsite organized!
  • Festool Routers. These router are as close to dust free as you can get.
  • Festool Circular Saws. These saws, in addition too being very safe, have accessories to make them cabinet quality.
  • More Festool Power Tools. Power tools in a class by themselves.
  • Festool jig saws. Reported to be the finest in the world. We agree.
  • Festool Sanders. These sanders are the finest we've ever used. Bar none.
  • About Us.We are just a couple guys who are very much into working with some of the wonders of nature... WOOD!
  • Portable Power Tools Index, and their advantages, and limitations. With the quality of portable power tools available today, it is possible to build almost anything.
  • Routers. These little "shapers", are a great asset to woodworkers.They are one of the most used and most versitle power tools in the shop.
  • Router Safety. A list of safety rules for working with a router. In addition to these, common sense should be rule number one in any woodworking endeavour.
  • Routers and Accessories. The incredible usefulness of the router has lead to numeous accessories, and bits. We have found it time effective to order them online.
  • Circular saws. Cabinet quality cuts are possible using high quality hand held circular saws.
  • Biscuit Joiners. These relatively new tools are invaluble to cabinet and furniture makers.
  • Cordless drills and drivers. These devices are some of the most convenient tools you can have in your shop.
  • Jig saws. Portable and capable of cutting curves in a number of different materials.
  • Festool Random Orbit Sander. Having had a number of sanders over the years, this is the first one we would do this with.
  • Festool's Domino Joining Machine. Festool does it again! A new, hand held mortiser is coming to a woodworking store near you.
  • My Kind Of Nut Index. There is always a group of people that rise to the top of their profession, This is true of any vocation, be it sports, entertainment, or the trades. This topic is to give a little credit to those who have enetred this select group.
  • Steve Latta. My Kind Of Nut. Every once in a while we come across an individiual that inspires us to reach for the next level. Or some times just palin fascinate us with their skills. This topic is dedicated to them
  • Recent Project. A recently completed project, designed by K Gallery Art and Design,
  • Living Room Renovation - page two. Continuation of a recent project, which consisted of a trayed ceiling, and a home bar.
  • Other Published Articles By Lee A. Jesberger. Articles wriiten by Lee A. Jesberger, and free to republish as long as the title block and links are left intact.
  • Woodworking as a Hobby. This is a great past time, and most professional woodworkers started out with doing woodworking as a hobby.
  • Making Templates and Jigs for Woodworking. The fastest and most accurate way to make multiple matching parts is to use templates and jigs.
  • The Woodworkers Book Store. A book for every interest. Woodworking basics can be learned by reading, which will give you the fundamentals needed to take on any project.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Books. By using the information from these books, you can be making your own hitchen cabinets, and saving a bundle!
  • Making Boxes Books. A big favorite for many woodworkers, as they are elegant, yet don't require a large work space, or a ton of tools and materials.
  • Project Idea Books & Videos. Often it is difficult to keep coming up with ideas for new projects. These books and videos will help.
  • Routing Books and Videos. To master the "mini Shaper", and one of the most frequently used tools in the shop, these books are for you!
  • Scroll Saw Books. A very popular hobby with woodworkers. Small space and materials requirements make it possible, even for those with little shop space.
  • Table Saw Books. The books will assist you in mastering the workhorse of the shop. This often used piece of equipment has many uses.
  • Tables and Chairs Books. These books will enable you to build your own tables and chairs, and understand the standards used to size them properly.
  • Tools and Techniques. A huge library of woodworking knowledge to draw from.
  • Toy Books. A very popular topic for many woodworkers. Make great gifts for children and grand children.
  • Turning/Lathe Work Books & Video. Turning wood is a very relaxing and rewarding part of woodworking.
  • Wood Books. The books under this heading cover the technical aspects of the material we work with most.
  • Crown Molding and Trim Books and Videos. Crown molding and trim add the finishing touches to many projects. Learning the tricks to install them is a must.
  • Workshop Books & Videos. This is a large and complex part of making the most of your woodworking experience. The guidence you'll need is all here.
  • Picture Framing Books. A profitable and enjoyable part of woodworking. The supplies and equipment needed make it an attractive area for many woodworkers.
  • Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Stickley Books. Three very popular furniture style, with almost a cult like following.
  • Band Saw Books. The band sw is a very popular and useful tool for all woodworkers. A big asset for any shop.
  • Carving/Whittling Books, CD's and DVD's. carving and Whittling is an age old past time. Not much has changed in the past hundred years, regarding technique.
  • Deck and Shed Building Books. While this isn't part of our usual subject matter, maybe it's time to build a deck on your shop!
  • Dust Collection Books. dust collection has finally become a consideration in the woodshop. For many years, it was completely ignored, as part of the business to live with. That attitude cut many woodworking careers short.
  • Finishing Books & Videos. Wood finishing is often the most misunderstood areas of woodworking. These books will help to take some of the mystery out of it.
  • Furniture Books. These books will inspire you to reach the next level in your woodworking. everything from project ideas, to technical information to keep you going.
  • Garden and Outdoor Furniture. Wouldn't it be nice to sit outside your shop and relax on furniture you built in your shop?
  • Holiday Books. Patterns for the holidays.
  • Home Improvement/DIY Books. Again slightly off topic for this site, at least at first glance, it is full of tips and techniques for your projects.
  • Joinery Books. No woodworking project would be possible without joinery. These books will teach you how to create these joints.
  • Our Tool Store. We are proud to be affiliated with Rockler, one of the finest woodworker's tool stores. They excel in quality of service and price.
  • The Router Store. The router is one of the most heavily used portable power tools in the woodworkers arsenal. It can perform multiple funtions, and do them all equally well.
  • The Cabinet Saw Store. The cabinet saw is the work horse of most small cabinet shops, A great asset for any woodworker.
  • The Hybrid Saw Store. The hybrid is a realtively new type of saw to the market, and was designed to fill the gap between the cabinet saw and the contractors saw.
  • The Contractor Saws Store. Often used as a jobsite saw, these are often a high quality saw that is often chosen for woodshops.
  • The Table Saw Accessory Store. The table saw has many accories to make it safer and easier to use.
  • The Clamping Store. In woodworking it seems impossible to have enough clamps. Here's a great source to add to your collection.
  • The Pocket Hole Store. One of the newer ways to fasten lumber together. It's quick tight and inexpensive.
  • The Band Saw Store.
  • The Machine Table Store. Table extensions and accessory tables for woodworking machinery.
  • The Jointer Store. Every woodshop owner will eventually want to have one of these in their shop.
  • The Drill Press and Accessories Store. An often overlooked, but essential part ofwoodworking. The machines will provide accuracy which is unable to be matched by hand drills.
  • The Shaper Store. A welcome addition to any woodshop where custom work is being done.
  • The Shaper Cutter Store. No shaper is of any value, if it has no tooling or cutters to do the actual work. Hers is a fine collection of cutters to keep you going.
  • The Wide Belt Sander Store. Any shop who can afford the cost or space required will benefit from one of these machines.
  • The Lathe and Accessories Store. For some shops these machines are a luxury, while for others, they are the life blood of the shop.
  • The Incra Store. Incra makes quality tools and accessories for many woodworking tools and projects.
  • The Nailers & Staplers Store. Nailers and staplers will make fastening a breeze. No more setting nails with a nail set!
  • The Sanders - Stationary and Bench Top Store. Sanding machines are a big time saver as well as a huge labor saver.
  • Table Saw Store. Here you can compare and choose between the different types of saws available to you.
  • The Router Bit Store. Routers aren't much good without the cutting bits to go with them. Here is a wide selection of high quality bits.
  • The Veneer and Edge Banding Tools Store. Everything you need to install veneer and edge banding.
  • The Sanding Store.sanding is one of the least pleasant tasks in woodworking. The toolsand accessories will make it faster and easier.
  • The Wood Veneer Store. Buying and using veneers are made much easier with Rockler's selection of products.
  • More Woodworking Plans. You bound to find project plans to suit your desires in this extensive plans library.
  • Martin Sojka's Blog. The creator of the Lumberjocks.com forum. One of the finest woodworking forums I've ever seen! A really fine group of members.
  • Top 50 Woodworking Sites. The top fifty listed sites for woodworking.
  • About Woodworking RSS Feed. This is an RSS feed on many woodworking topics. Much useful infomation and woodworking tips are available here.
  • Woodworker's Guide. Additional information and woodworking techniques available to everyone.
  • Get Woodworking.com. As RSS feed from the UK.Welcome to the online home of Good Woodworking and The Woodworker.
  • Woodworking Online. Additional information and woodworking techniques available to everyone.
  • Woodworking Blogs at LumberJocks.com. Lumberjocks is one of the finest and fastest growing woodworking forums on the internet.
  • Tool News And Reviews. Tool review blog as provided by ToolBarn.com
  • Woodworking Forum Topics at LumberJocks.com. Read the latest woodworking topics from Lumberjocks.com.
  • Woodworking Reviews at LumberJocks.com. From the members of Lumberjocks. com. Up to the moment tool and product reviews from real woodworkers, not advertisers!
  • Tool Sharpening doesn't have to be mysterious... These tools will make it easier.
  • Did you know? Quick tips and techniques for woodworkers. Little tid bits of useful information, to make the process easier.
  • Tools And Equipment Index. Woodworking tools, and how to care for them. Listing of machines and hand tools, and their uses.
  • Hand Tools. It is never easy to pick which hand tools to buy. Woodworking hand tools are no exception.
  • Woodworking Accessories Complete line of woodworking tools and machinery.
  • Hardware. Online source for all you hardware needs. From european inges to under cabinet lighting, you'll find it all right here.
  • Often the most disliked, and misunderstood part of woodworking.
  • Index for woodworking books and magazines, broken down into subjects.
  • General Woodworking. This topic includes books directed to overall woodworking subjects.
  • Woodworking as a business, has it's rewards and pit falls.
  • 18th century furniture. Books we have read, and found to be well written and informative.
  • Setting up shop can be confusing, as your'e trying to lay things out based on machines you might not own yet, to do work you don't have yet. Pretty scary.
  • Good reading or good information, and sometimes both, on marquetry, inlay and veneering.
  • Machine care and use. Keeping your machines in good shape is an on going process, if you expect them to perform well.
  • Wood carving.Books on the topic of carving wood. Between reading and practicing, you can become a skilled wood carver.
  • Wood FinishingOften the most disliked, and misunderstood part of woodworking.
  • Wood turning. A source of recommended reading for turners.
  • A general listing of woodworking magazines.
  • Link Directory. Our woodworking links and resource index page. We do require a reciprical link to our site.
  • Antique Tools. Resources to Antique Tools
  • Free Woodworking Plans.Woodworking plans, some free some for purchase, for all your woodworking projects.
  • Crafts. In addition to woodworking , theere are a number of crafts to provide for a great hobby or secondary income.
  • Wood Carving. Wood carving can be a ralaxing form of woodworking that requires only a few tools, and small work area.
  • Woodworkers Directory. An open directory for woodworkers websites.
  • Lumber Suppliers. Without these folks, we would have a problem.
  • Marquetry and Inlay Supplies. Suppliers of fine woodworking materials.
  • Hobby Sites. There are a whole group of hobby site that can become incorporated into the woodworking craft.
  • Material Suppliers. There are many suplies and periferal materials involved in woodworking.
  • Scroll Sawing. One of the largest sub catagories in woodworking, scrollsawing provides a creative outlet in a small amount of space.
  • Woodworking Machinery Sources. Woodworking requires machinery in most instances. Here's a source of suppliers you may find helpful.
  • Stained Glass. A somewhat unusual catagory in woodworking, the age old craft can add beauty and grace to your projects.
  • Tool Auctions. A great way to find bargains on toodworking tools and equipment.
  • Tool Suppliers. All woodworkers need tools. Here are some tool suppliers we have found to be dependable.
  • Woodworking Magazine Links. A great source for woodworking information of all sorts on every topic.
  • Woodworking Software. There's a large selection of software programs for woodworkers.
  • Wood Turning Links. Wood turning has a large following, and is a very artistic form of woodworking.
  • Woodworking Tips. Woodworking tips and techniques are abundant on the internet. Finding the information you need is readily available.
  • Woodworkers Sites. Links to other woodworkers sites. We can all learn from each other so it's a good idea to visit other woodworkers websites.
  • Woodworking Clubs and Guilds. There are a great number of woodworking clubs and Guilds available to us all. They provide a great source of information and help.
  • General Products Links. General products and completed furniture items. Some products that aren't necessarily related to woodworking, but are useful to homeowners.
  • Woodworking Forums. Woodworking forums provide a great source of knowledge just for the asking. Getting professional help is at your fingertips.
  • General Business Links . Links that aren't necessarily related to woodworking, but are useful to business and home owners.
  • Woodworking Ezines. Online magazines, or as they're also known as ezines or worth a look to get information and tips for woodworkers.
  • Veneering Supplies. A source for veneers, supplies and information on working with wood veneers.
  • Period Furniture Makers. In my opinion, the finest furniture ever made. In particular, American furniture of the 18th century. There are a number of shops today reproducing these pieces using many of the same techniques as the original makers.
  • Links Info Page. We are happy to add wood related sites to our links page. We do request a reciprical link to our site.
  • More Materials Suppliers and Links. Contacts with whom we've purchased from, and were satisfied with the results, and links to related sites.
  • More Materials Suppliers and Links. Contacts with whom we've purchased from, and were satisfied with the results, and links to related sites.
  • Materials Suppliers and Links. Contacts with whom we've purchased from, and were satisfied with the results, and links to related sites.
  • Rockler catalog request.
  • Privacy Policy for Pro Woodworking Tips.com
  • Contact Us. if for any reason you wish to contact us, we can be reached via email or phone.
  • Woodworking is inherently dangerous. The information on this site is intended to advise safe woodworking practices. Proceed to use the information on this site at you own risk.
  • Making custom pens is a very enjoyable hobby. Many woodworkers do nothing else, as this is an easy way to make a project from start to finish in very little time. It doesn't require a large investment in tools or materials, or require a large work space.

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