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The Ezee-Feed System   

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Ezee-Feed's Infeed / Outfeed Systems 

This device was designed to make my life easier !  (should work for your's as well)

As the sponsor of this site, it only seems right to promote the products, as they are  the very reason for the site. This is the condensed version of the product details, as clicking in the sponsor block, above,  will take you to the actual site, complete with video.

World's Finest Table Saw Accessories? That's a pretty bold claim. We've been using this system in our professional cabinet shop for over five years, and it is the most often used accessory we have. Can you imagine ripping a 4 foot by eight foot sheet of particle board, on a table saw, without a helper and getting a PERFECTLY straight cut? Pretty difficult task. Almost impossible for some. Or how about ripping a piece of rough lumber and ending up with a jointer quality edge, ready for glue, without touching a jointer, and do it in ONE pass?

I'm a very lazy person, and I don't like hard work, but I do like precision and convenience. When I see a tool that will save me time, and in the process make my life easier, I just gotta have it. Especially when it will pay for itself in no time flat!

This character flaw is what lead to designing the Ezee-Feed systems.  What I am willing go through once, to save myself from having to work harder later, especially on a common task is a little nuts, but is big part of my make up. (I just can't help it).

The Ezee-Feed System is a perfect example of this. 

To me, ripping sheets of plywood or jointing a pile of rough lumber is hard work. Mentally, as much as physically.

With this device, you are able to rip strips off of full sheets of plywood, measuring under 1/32" thick!, while working alone. No more yelling at your wife or helper! When you see a four foot wife poking her six foot husband in the chest, and saying, "You're buying this right now", there's good chance you're on to something!

With this system, it's simple. If your a professional woodworker, this device will pay for itself in ONE DAY! If your not a professional, it will be even more convenient for you. And it will pay for itself quite quickly. Imagine loading a ninety pound sheet of M.D.F. onto the table saw while working alone, and without knocking over your roller stand? Back sprain is a large percentage of injury in a woodshop. Besides the obvious, meaning a large amount of pain and suffering, the cost of repeated trips to a Chiropractor, will more than pay for this device.

Our insurance company requested brouchures to enclose with their renewal policies to contractors and cabinet shops!

Check out this video produced by an Ezee-Feed user:

To watch a short video demonstration on these products, click here.


An email received from a professional remoldeling contractor, after buying a couple ezee-feed systems!

Hi Lee,

I am impressed with the quality of your Ezee-feed units and your help during
installation.  I realize you are a small business too but your devotion to
my sale is admirable and unexpected.  Your expertise and patience during
setup was greatly appreciated.  Kyle and I found your help to be invaluable.
The units are installed and ready for their maiden job this coming week.  I
expect to use them frequently.  Next project will be to set them up on the
Ridgid table saw too.

Thanks again for the support and advice.


Jeff Snader
Home Office: 717-684-5629
"your remodeling resource"

Provides the same advantages of using a sliding table saw, at a fraction of the cost!

  Ripping Rough Lumber    Precision Mounting System    Ezee-Feed System Set up at Woodcraft store    Folds for easy storage  

Used to rip sheet goods and rough lumber, this device will reduce your physical exertion, as well as easily double your productivity. And accuracy. And Safety.

* Truly makes cutting sheet goods a one person job.
* Mounts to most saws with no drilling to the saw.
* It mounts to sliding brackets on 4' track , for multi positional use.
* It permits rolling sheet goods on without lifting the full weight of the sheet, using the side roller.
* It is mounted to and removed from saw in seconds.
* It can be moved from one machine to another, without making any adjustments.
* It folds and stores easily.
* Will permit accurate rips to under 1/32" on full sheets of plywood, consistently.
* Each unit comes with plans for a "rip sled", as seen in the video, for cutting rough lumber. (instead of 6-10 passes through the jointer).
* Saves huge amounts of time.

These Table Saw Accessories Are Designed To Increase Your Productivity

Save your back when dealing with heavy sheet goods.

Since you never hold the weight of the sheet, perfect cuts are easy !

Since you stand at the edge of the saw, instead of the end of the sheet, you can see that your tight to the fence !

It's considerably easier to rip plywood and lumber with this device.

To watch a short video demonstration on these products, click here

This woodworking website, Pro Woodworking Tips.com, was borne from conversations with visitors to our booths at woodworking shows. When people would approach us demonstrating our product, it was with caution. The same caution you would use when talking to a used car salesman. Many people would watch the demonstrations from a distance, and feel certain that there was some sort of trick. Can't be that easy. If if was that good, someone would have come up with it before. After all, the Delta Unisaw has been around since the twenties, and it hasn't changed much since then.

When these people would approach us, and find out we are real woodworkers, you could actually see the caution dissappear from their faces. After they looked through our portfolio, and realized we really were professional cabinet / furniture makers, the questions would start. They would want to know how we did this or how that was done. The comfort level with us was quickly raised. It was these questions and the repeated suggestions that we write down what we were explaining, that planted the seed to do a website. This website. (it sure would have helped if I knew what I was getting into). The same can be said for the ezee-feed business.

It was at repeated suggestions and requests that we embarked on starting Ezee-Feed Mfg. Prior to that, it was just a handy shop device for us.

Both have required a considerable time and financial investment, that frankly has changed both mine and Bruce Driscoll's life style immensely. Life was much more relaxed, and financially more stable, than it now is. There are many times when we ask each other, "what the **** were we thinking?" and even more times when our wives ask us that. However, that being said, the ezee-feed device is something that neither of us have ever had any doubt in, despite the time and financial investment required. Lord willing it will become financially self sustaining, and prove to be a wise investment for us.

The good news is we've sold these units nationwide, and the sales are increasing regularly. We have yet had anyone return a unit or complain about the product or service. In fact just the opposite is true. We've been invited to visit buyers of our units from North Carolina to Alaska, and from Maine to California. These are just very satisfied people who appreciate the old fashion service that is uncommon in today's world. We develope friendships with our clients that are genuine, and are based on mutual respect and interests. I doubt many companies are invited to their customers houses to have a beer, or go fishing, or just shoot the breeze. At least we have that to hang our hats on, which means the world to us. And one day, maybe it will pay off financially!

Note: Our owners manual has both the president, and vice president of Ezee-Feed's, PERSONAL cell phone numbers! We believe in customer satisfaction, and plain old treating people the way we'd like to be treated. 

To watch a short video demonstration on these products, click here

These products are designed to attach to your table saw's existing front rail, in most cases, with no drilling. They can  be  positioned anywhere along a 4 foot track, using our precision sliding brackets. Putting it on and off the saw takes only seconds. It can be placed on the shaper, or router table just as quickly, without making ANY adjustments.(after initial installation, which takes about an hour).


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