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Woodworking Clamps and Vices


Choosing and Using Woodworking Clamps and Vices.

 Building anything out of wood requires clamps and vises to fabricate and assemble your projects. Knowing what to use and when to use it requires some knowledge on what's available. Choosing a clamp to provide the most versatile uses for your projects to get the most bang for the buck. 


The first rule of clamps is you can never have enough of them. The second rule is the one needed for the project at hand is the one you don't have. Just starting in woodworking requires you make a choice as to which ones to buy on the budget available.

The quick release clamps are pretty handy, so a couple of these is a good idea. I wouldn't get them too long, since they tend to be more used in the 12" length. Wood screw clamps are needed for applying more pressure than the squeeze clamps can provide. A number of these are a great asset to a wod shop. The draw back to these is the limited clamping capacity. Than we need bar or pipe clamps. These allow us to clamp larger items, such as a cabinet carcass, also known as case work.

A clamping rack as shown at the bottom of the page is a very big help. I once made a deal at a woodworking supply store. I offered to buy all the clamps on the rack, if they threw the rack in as part of the deal. (They weren't available for purchase at the time). The salesman had to call the store manager at home to get the okay on that, which he did approve. The mobility of them and the fact they hold all kinds of clamps makes having them right next to the project, very handy.

And rest assures, no matter what you buy, and how many you buy, it won't be enough, or even the right kind.

Quick Release Clamps

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Pipe Clamps

Wood Screw Clamps

Miter Clamps

Strap and Web Clamps

Vacuum Clamps

Clamping Tool Guides


Pack Rack™ Clamp & Tool Storage System
More than just a clamp rack, this is a full-service mobile work station and storage solution! Load both sides to the hilt with clamps, and use the interior space to store everything from air compressors to dust collectors. Four included hooks make it simple to install a shop-made storage shelf, while four high-quality polyurethane casters let you roll the entire rig anywhere in the shop. The heavy-duty 5/8" diameter steel rods are strong enough to hold a full row of clamps and simultaneously support a shelf filled with tools. The steel rods can be repositioned in 13 mounting holes. Solid steel construction for maximum strength and stability. Uses carriage bolts for one-wrench assembly. We're excited about the new Pack Rack's space-saving and shop-organization potential, and we can't wait to hear what you think! Add a review for this item by June 15, 2008 and you'll be automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE $100 Gift Card! Click here to see Official Sweepstakes Rules Click here to download revised instructions. 

Pack Rack™ Clamp & Tool Storage System

Pack Rack™ Clamp & Tool Storage System

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