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Using wood as a veneer has been done for thousands of years, and with good reason. It is the best way to get the most coverage from a single piece of lumber. Many designs, possible with veneer would simply self destruct if attempted with solid wood. It is certainly not an indication of inferior quality.


Veneer Index

Working With Veneer Video - An Excellent video on learning towork with veneer.

Veneering Part One - Introduction

Veneering Part Two - Basics - Veneer types

Veneering Part Three - Basics - Tools used

Veneering Part Four - Basics - Types of veneers

Veneering Part Five  - Basics - Flattening veneers

Veneering Part Six - Basics - Flattening formulas

Veneering Part Seven - Cutting techniques

Veneering Part Eight - Joining veneers

Veneering Part Nine - Creating borders

Veneering Part Ten - Mirror Trick

Veneering Part Eleven - Veneered Raised Panel

Veneering Part Twelve - Veneered Raised Panel - pg 2

Repairing Raw veneers for use - using veneer punches

Veneering Tools - Veneering Tools

Veneer work - Marquetry Basics



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