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Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay Books

Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay


Recommended Reading about Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay

 Marquetry and Inlay Handbook
by: Zachary Taylor
There is much to learn from this fully illustrated book on inlay and marquetry.

Veneering, A Foundation Course
by: Mike Burton
An informative book from basic to advanced veneering. While I don't subscribe to some of the techniques used, there is still a vast amount to be learned.

The Marquetry Course
by: Jack Metclaffe & John Apps

An extremely well written book, by two English gentlemen, both of whom have been teaching Marquetry and veneering for a number of years. This book covers quite a lot topics, and gives in depth information on techniques and includes projects, to practice them. A considerable number of photos to help understand the text. Very informative, and well written.

The Art of Marquetry
by: Craig Vandall Stevens
Extremely well written and fully illustrated.

The Art of Inlay
by: Larry Robinson

If you want to be completely blown away by talent, buy this book! This guy's talent should be illegal, as he makes the rest of us look bad.



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