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Veneered Raised Panels

Making a raised panel with veneer...

Veneered raised panels

 We often make raised panel doors for cabinets and furniture. It never fails, that the client will choose a veneer for the field of the panel. (we tend to lead them in that direction, as the final product can be spectacular).

 Since we prefer to use M.D.F., as a substrate, due to it's stability, we will cut the M.D.F. somewhat undersized, and add a hardwood edge to it. The hardwood matches the rest of the project, and is easier than trying to follow the curves or angles of the panel raising bit, with the veneer.


The hardwood is biscuited to the M.D.F., and is mitered at the corners. after fastening the edges, we sand the panel to verify everything is flush. Once completed we veneer the face side with the fancy veneer, and veneer the back with a veneer that matches the hardwood. (strictly as a cost cutting purpose). The panels are glued up in the vacuum bag, with both sides being done at the same time.

M.D.F. and hardwood border   M.D.F. and hardwood frame   Edges glues on   Complete edge treatment

The larger top rail will be curved, which is wider than the other pieces of the frame. At this stage, we rough cut the veneers, using the blank as a size template. The veneer wants to be 1/4" larger on all four sides.

Marking the veneer  Note the center line of the panel is in line with the center line of the veneer seam  Rotary cutting to size  Rough cutting

Time for the bag. Apply the glue with a foam roller, using a nice even coat. Place a platten on the bench, coat the back side of the M.D.F., and lay the veneer on it. Flip it over and do the face sice. Place another platten on it, and add some blue tape to hold the packet together. Then insert it in the bag.

Apply glue with foam roller   Spreading the glue evenly   Rough cut face veneer   Completed packet ready for bag

  Several veneered raised panels in the bag   several doors in the bag

Once removed from the bag, the panels will be stickered up to allow any moisture to evaporate.

The follow up article will cover the steps to complete the finished doors.


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