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Vacuum Systems For Woodworking 

 Part three

More on Curved Parts.

 Many of our wood working projects include curves. The method of slicing lumber, is usually not the way to go. If the piece will receive veneer, we'll use one of several different material choices. These are listed in the Materials Uses page, under Plywood grades.


What does remain the same would be the use of a form, and a flexible substrate. There are several materials to choose from. Again, the form needs to allow for slight movement, after the piece comes out of the bag. Also, the glue choice is important. It must be a rigid glue, unless your project will have a structure that will keep the shape intact.

We make a fair amount of hall, or Demilune tables. This is a great way to practice inlay and marquetry, and also create furniture which is easy to sell on consignment, or give away. While they all look different, many are the same size and shape. That allows us to use a form, to make the apron. The two right hand images are the hall table form and an apron that's come out of the bag. Note the form has packing tape on it, which keeps the form from becoming a permanent part of the table. This form has seen a lot of use, and as you can see, there is virtually no glue on it. The left hand picture is an apron for a conference table, still in the vacuum bag.

    Vacuum systems excel in Formed Bending    Hall table form    Resulting Apron

In almost every case a form is needed to create curved parts. The photos below of a custom desk did not require a vacuum system, as the construction technique permitted the curves to be formed, with the construction method.

  Curved construction   Curved construction techniques  Curved construction with bending plywood

The desk, as in every project, required some thinking to come up with a construction plan, and while it did not require the vacuum system, I felt it would be good to show other options here, as tunnel vision is easy to develope, and will restrict your potential.

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