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Using Plastic Resin Parts


Using Plastic Resin Parts

 Carving wooden corbels and capitals would add a large amount of labor and cost to any project, but can also add a valuable design detail, when used properly. When the furniture or cabinet will gain from such a design detail, there is an excellent option to hand carving these complicated components.

As much of the furniture we build is of the right style to benefit from such additions, but the cost is often a concern, we turn to using plastic resin parts. These parts are poured into molds and are finely detailed.


We purchase these parts from Outwater Plastics, and the variety in both size and style will fit most every need. In addition to capitals and corbels, they have a large assortment of moldings as well.

The cost of these parts can be as little as 10 % of their counterpart, carved out of wood, not to mention the savings in time.

While finishing these parts can test your coloring skills to come up with a good color match, it's not too much different than finishing the wood pieces. (we'll cover this in the finishing section).

We generally get the raised eyebrow treatment from client's, when we suggest using plastic for these components. Usually they're somewhat apprehensive about it, but when shown a sample, and an estimated monetary savings, they readily agree to it.

  Using Plastic Resin Parts  Using Plastic Resin  Plastic Resin Capitals  Home Entertainment Unit


It's a little surprising to know that the capitals and corbels shown, are being installed on a high end home bar, which uses Mahogany, and some very beautiful veneers. In addition, the top of the bar is being done in Onyx, which is somewhat translucent, and will have lighting between the Onyx, and the substrate, so the top will glow.

The idea of using plastic in the mix just seems a little odd, but actually it's the perfect product for this particular job. Once stained to match the wood, nobody knows the difference. We get a lot of compliments on our carving abilities, and while we don't try to pass them off as real wood parts, sometimes the client's don't want their friends to know we "cheated". To each his own.

Written by: Lee A. Jesberger © 2006 - 2010
Inventor of: Ezee-Feed Systems ®

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