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Urea Resin

 Urea resin Glues

 Urea resin glue is a two part mixture, consisting of a powder, which is the catalyst, and a liquid, which is the resin. The are mixed together based on volume or weight, according to the manufacturers instructions.


In our shop we use Uni Bond 800, and find it to be an excellent glue. It has an open time which is generally acceptable for most projects. (you can't go out for lunch or anything), but it's not like dealing with an emergency. Dry time depends on temperature, so follow directions. Typically four or five hours is sufficient.

Urea Resin Glue - Uni Bond 800

Also, on the plus side, the powder is available in several shades, and it is a good idea to use a light color powder on a light colored wood. Just try to keep the shade close in colors, and you'll be fine.

This is considered to fall into the rigid family of glues, meaning there will be no movement, or "creep", with the veneer. A very important detail for veneering.


Once the veneer is stuck, it's not going anywhere. It is not reversible, meaning you can't undo it. As far as application, it can be spread with a knotched trowel, with very fine teeth,or a foam roller.

A down side to this glue, is that you must use a respirator, while mixing it, as it is toxic.

This glue requires the use of a press, or vacuum bag.

This glue is available through www.vacupress.com, and is available in one gallon, or five gallon sizes. It does have a limited shelf life, so bear that in mind.


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