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Table Saw Safety



Table Saw Safety

Delta Table Saw Safety Rules

 Safety should be foremost in your mind when using a table saw. The photo above comes with the Delta Table Saws. As the photo won't let you read the rules, they are reproduced below. One rule which is not included but should be is: If it doesn't seem safe, don't do it! Find another way. Fingers don't grow back. Also, beyond the loss of a finger or fingers, the mental anguish suffered by some people is far more damagng than the physical loss.

Our experience with woodworkers at the trade shows has revealed that many woodworkers don't understand the importance of a splitter, or anti kick back device. This is very close to begging for trouble. Get one and use it. A kick back can be fatal.


Written by: Lee A. Jesberger © 2006

Inventor of Ezee-Feed systems ®




2. IF YOU ARE NOT thoroughly familiar with the operation of Circular Saws, obtain advice from your supervisor, instructor or other qualified person.

3. MAKE SURE wiring codes and recommended electrical connections are followed and that machine is properly grounded.

4. DO NOT operate while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.

5. ALWAYS wear eye protection (safety glasses or a face shield).

6. REMOVE tie, rings, watch and other jewelery, and roll up sleeves.

7. GUARDS should always be in place and used at all times.

8. ALWAYS use saw blade guard, splitter and anti-kickback fingers for "through sawing".

9. KEEP hands out of the path of the saw blade.

10. STAND to one side, NOT in line with the saw cut when ripping.

11. ALWAYS USE a "push stick" when ripping narrow work.

12. KNOW how to avoid "kickbacks"

13. DO NOT perform any operations "freehand". ALWAYS hold the work firmly against the miter gage or fence.

14. NEVER use the fence when cross-cutting.

15. NEVER use the fence as a cut-off gage when cross-cutting.

16. WHEN USING amoulding cutterhead, NEVER run the stock between the fence and the moulding cutterhead.

17. NEVER reach around the saw blade.

18. KEEP saw blade sharp and free of all rust and pitch.

19. MAKE all adjustments with the power off.

20. DISCONNECT saw from power source when making repairs.

21. SHUT OFF power and clean the saw before you leave it.

Delta Part No. 422-02-753-0005 Dated 5-94


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