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Table Saw Rip Sled Plan 


Rip Sled Plan For the Table Saw

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Table saw used with the ezee-feed system.

Ezee-Feed In Feed system, used in conjuntion with the table saw, and rip sled, makes quick work on straight lining rough lumber.


  8/4 Rough Cherry  Small Rip Sled

The red device attached to the table saw is the infeed system, designed by Ezee-Feed Mfg. The rip sled was used to rip this substantial piece of cherry. I took the photo just after having ripped these boards. To try to rip this board, without the infeed table, would be pretty tough due to the weight of the board.


Note the fact that there are no burn marks on the edge of the board. That's tough to do on a surfaced piece of cherry, let alone one still unsurfaced. This is due to three things. One, a good saw, two a good saw blade, and three, the ezee-feed system. Any two of these would not lead to these results, on this unsurfaced board. The beauty of the infeed device is you are holding no weight, and you're able to stand right up against the saw, instead of at the end of the board. One hand holds the work to the fence, while the other hand slides the board.

The second photo is a smaller version of the same sled. It is ideal for shorter pieces. Overall length of this piece is about 48 inches, and about 14 inches wide.

In making one of these sleds, rather than trying to get the center mounting board exactly parallel to the sides of the sled, you could clamp a board to the sled, up tight against the center mounting board and holding it tight to the saw fence, rip the sled. Repeat this on the other side. (the board you use to clamp to the sled must be parallel). Then you can square up the ends, on a sliding miter saw.

We added a cut out for our hand as it makes it easier to handle, and a mounting hole can be added in the ends, if you wish to hang it up.

The clamps are available from Woodcraft, or Rockler Stores.

Also note, we used ultra lite M.D.F. for these sleds, as they are stable, and light in weight.

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