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Super Glue

Super Glue

So called super glues offer a quick fix, in many instances...

 Cyanoacrylate Glues, or, C A glues made by Satellite City, are industrial strength super glues, which are available through woodworking supply outlets . They are a stronger version of the ones found in your local hardware stores or home centers.


There are several brands available, but the ones we use are purchased from Woodcraft stores, and are made by Satellite City, Inc.

They come in several viscosities, for different applications, from water thin, known as "Hot Stuff"® original C A instant glue, to one with minimal gap filling abilities, called "Hot Stuff Super T"®, and one with larger gap filing capabilities, called "Hot Stuff Special T"®.

Some people are sensitive to the fumes of cyanoacrylate, emitted during curing.  For this they make both thin and thick in an odorless version called UFO - which stands for, User Friendly Odorless. These are called "UFO"® Odorless Thin, which is a penetrating glue, and "UFO"® Odorless Thick, which is a gap filling glue.

In addition to the glues, they make accelerators, which are used to speed up the curing process of the glue. Although you might wonder why an instant glue needs an accelerator, they are a great item for your arsenal of tricks.

This company has an excellent booklet (free) on their products, and how to use them. I got a copy from Woodcraft store, and I believe they are readily available there.

Super Glue Products from Satellite City

We all make mistakes, and in woodworking, they can often be repaired with a small amount of super glue. Chips or cracks can easily be permanently fixed, with no harm done.

Here's a woodworking tip for you. DO NOT REMOVE the cap with your teeth or lips. I know a guy who did that, ONCE. I imagine he felt pretty silly sitting in the local emergency room, unable to explain what happened. (he glued his lips together). (good thing he didn't slip it a little tongue, huh). He was holding the pieces together, so he only one hand available to open the cap. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. I haven't HEARD from him since.


Satellite City , Inc. P.O. Box 836 Simi Valley CA. 93062 Phone 1-805-522-0062 


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