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Router Safety


Router Safety 


  1. Always wear eye protection, as routers throw an enormous amount of dust and chips.

  2. Always wear ear protection, as the high pitched noise will damage your ears.

  3. Never use bits that are dull or damaged.

  4. Never bottom out the router bit, as this will damage the collet. A rubber "o-ring" inserted into the shaft will prevent this automatically.

  5. Always unplug the router when changing bits, or making any adjustments.

  6. Never only partially insert the bit, as this can lead to vibration, or the bit coming out.

  7. Replace collets, as they become worn, and keep them clean.

  8. If possible, hook up a dust collection system to your router. Lungs are a terrible thing to waste.

  9. Never start the router with the bit contacting the wood.

  10. If equipped with a toggle switch, make sure it is in the off position, prior to plugging it in.

  11. Always feed the cut against the rotation of the bit.

  12. Don't force the tool. This will only lead to burning the work and poor results.

  13. Never use a large diameter bit in a hand held router. The torque will get away from you, and lead to serious injury, or death.

  14. Never throw your bits into the bottom of a drawer. The bits should be stored in a router bit holder. This will keep them sharp.

  15. Use of a router table whenever possible, along with hold downs and push sticks is recommended.

  16. With large bits, such as panel raising bits, make several shallow cuts, instead of one deep cut.

  17. Use a slower speed if possible, and a slower feed rate when using large bits.

  18. Keep all parts in good working order, and lubricated.

  19. On large cutters, use 1/2" shank bits.

  20. Use a steady feed rate as this will lead to smother cuts, and less chance of kick back.

  21. Keep all guards in place, and make no modifications to the tool.

  22. Keep the cord in good shape.

  23. When storing routers with the bit installed, make a stand to hold the tool so the bit is not contacting the shelf. or other tools.

  24. Hold the tool with both hands until the bit stops spinning. It really hurts to bump the bit against your leg.

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