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Plywood Shuttle

Moving Sheet Goods To Your Table Saw

A client of Ezee-Feed has provided me with a link to an ingenius device for moving, and placing plywood, or other heavy sheet goods onto your table saw, without every having to lift the sheet. The is a perfect companion to the Ezee-Feed Systems.


It can also be used to move sheets around the shop rather simply, with no chance of back strain.

Apparently, it was published in a woodworking magazine, but claims no restrictions on republishing.

The design is very efficient, and deservers a place in every shop that uses sheet goods.

We will soon be offering a similar device on http://www.ezee-feed.com, for purchase, at a reasonable price.

See it here, in action:


A prototype is in the process of being built, and will soon be available as a companion to Ezee-Feed Systems.

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