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 My Kind of Nut Index

My Kind of Nut Index

 All too often, we are mesmerised, by the talent shown in people of the same vocation as us. That's the purpose of this column. When I refer to "MY Kind Of Nut", it is with a large block of salt, and a great deal of respect. Basically what I'm saying is that this guy, or girl has talent I can only hope to develop.


Or that I wish I had the time to take a certain aspect of our work to the degree of that, the person I speak of has. I believe it is fair to say that given enough time, most of us could develop the skills needed to achieve such results, if we had the self disipline to do so. The real point here is the person in the spotlight, has gone to those extremes to master his craft or specialty, well beyond the norm.

Often while reading "Fine Woodworking Magazine", I typically go straight to the Master Class section. It is here I usually end up with the mesmerized look on my face. The emotions are somewhat mixed between "I can do that", I'm going to do that", and the final one, "why would anyone do that".

All of the people in this continuing section of the site have gone to the extremes, to "MASTER" what they're doing. Not just get pretty good at it, but truly master it.

These people are in no particular order of importance, as to me, they are equally gifted. It depends which magazine, or person I'm reviewing at the time.

Mr. Steve Latta


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