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Living Room Renovation

Living Room Renovation - page two

 Building the niches from M.D.F. provided a number of advantages over using drywall. Aside from the ability to predrill for adjustable shelves, and the smooth surface for paint, it made square corners on the niches possible. This is due to the fact that we didn't need to use corner beads on all the corners. It also permitted us to build the arches in the shop, and have them become part of the structure.


To build the arches, we used a flexible M.D.F. This is a great material for this type of application. It has kerfs at regular intervals which permit a smooth flowing bend, even on tight radii, as seen in photo three. As you can see the construction details are pretty simple, yet effective. The face piece curves can be cut with a band saw or a jig saw.

  Front of arched units  Rear side of arches  Rear side construction details

The M.D.F. vertical particans are three sided. We mounted the particans to two by fours which were fastened to the walls, with both construction adhesive and anchors. This made installing them simple. The arches were installed at the same time, becoming part of the entire assembly. As the units would have crown moldings the tops didn't need to be tight to the ceiling. This gave us a little room for adjustment.

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