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Joining Veneers

Joining Veneers

Joining or seaming veneer pieces together...

The process of joining pieces of veneers together is rather simple. This boils down to cutting the edges straight, and taping them together. That's the short version.

The techniques shown in "Cutting Veneers", explains how to get straight cuts, suitable for joining. The next process is connecting them together. With a little practice, this is quite easy. Actually, it's so easy, it's scary.


Working from the back side of the veneer, place the two pieces so the grain meets where you want it. Using short pieces of blue painter's tape, hold the joint together, place the tape on one piece, pull the free end of tape to stretch it a little, and press it onto the second piece. This stretching will pull the joint tighter together. Continue this process, placing the tape every few inches, until the two pieces are joined.

Now, flip the piece over to be able to work on the face side. Using veneer tape repeat the same process. When the veneer tape dries, it will shrink slightly, and hold the seam tight. Use a veneer roller, or soft brass wire brush, and work the tape into the veneer. Once this is completed, let the veneer tape dry, and then peel the blue tape from the back. While you're working on the face, repair any cracks with veneer tape.


 Joining veneers  Continue with blue tape  Back side done

  Taping face side  Rolling veneer tape  Joining face side

  Repairing cracks on face side  Complete rolling the tape  Completed joint

The above two pieces of veneer are "bookmatched", meaning they have been "opened" like the pages of a book, creating the match. This is a very common and attractive pattern in joining veneers.


Gummed Veneer Tape
Splice your veneer together with this white 34 gram cellulose tape. 

Gummed Veneer Tape

Gummed Veneer Tape


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