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Gorilla Glue Brand Single Use

 Gorilla Glue

gorilla tough, every time

Recently I received a sample pack of the newest member of the Gorilla Glue family. Actually, it was a very nicely conceived marketing ploy, designed to get me to use something I may never have tried, and then comment on my experience with it.

Gorilla Glue 

Guess what, it worked. About a month or so later, I had to glue up something one of my grand kids broke. (or maybe I did it and blamed them)


Surprisingly, not only did I remember receiving the sample pack, but I also remembered where I put. Believe me, that's a big deal!

In their sales information, they claim it's the perfect size to keep in a kitchen drawer. Guess where I put it when I received it...yup,  kitchen drawer. They called that pretty well. 

They also claimed it would work on a number of materials...glass, wood, metal, ceramics, stone, even foam.   I tried it on a number of the materials over the next couple months, and each time was pleasantly surprised.  

One other thing I noticed was the small tubes are very handy, in that when you need them, the glue is not already hard.  That's one problem I have with small containers of super glue...the small plastic bottles, more often than not, are rock hard when you go to use them, after the first use.

So overall, my take on these is they are convenient and easy to use, and work exactly as claimed.

You can be sure when the samples are used up, I will buy more, and keep it in the kitchen drawer.

Written by: Lee A. Jesberger © 2006 - 2010
Inventor of: Ezee-Feed Systems ®

The following is copied directly from the Gorilla Glue website,  after all, they know the product better than I do. 

The same Gorilla Glue strength that you count on for your toughest projects is ready for every single use in our new, easy one-time-use format. Perfect for your kitchen drawer, toolbox and on-the-go repairs! Gorilla Glue is the ideal solution for projects indoors and out. Bonds: wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass and more!

100% WATERPROOF – does not break down when exposed to outdoor elements

VERSATILE – ideal for most household fixes, indoors or out

TEMPERATURE RESISTANT – once dry, Gorilla Glue is unaffected by extreme heat or cold

FOAM EXPANSION – expands 3-4 times the application amount, penetrating the glued surface for a superior bond

SANDABLE, PAINTABLE, STAINABLE – the invisible glue line makes for easy finishing

CONVENIENT - Four one-time-use tubes for easy use and disposal, all in a re-closable container for easy storage.

Clamp Time: 1-2 hours
Open Time: 5-10 minutes
Full Cure: 24 hours
Dry Color: Light Tan

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