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General Woodworking Topics 

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Articles and tips under this heading apply to several different areas of our woodworking craft. These topics, while often overlooked, are very relevant to achieving results which will have a "professional look", once completed. Ignoring them can be hazardous to your results, and lead to wise cracks from your critics.

Building furniture can be a relaxing form of therapy, forcing you to slow down from the fast pace we all live with, as good work requires patience. It can also provide a serious source of additional income, provided your results are acceptable.


Woodworking Tips and Tricks  

Professional or Amateur woodworker

Professional or Amatuer woodworker page two

Professional or Amateur woodworker page three

Fibonacci Series of numbers


Proportions - part two

Mock Ups

Mock Ups - part two

Woodworking Terms and Joints

Starting with Rough Lumber

Rip Sled Plan

Buying Tools

Masters of the 18th Century

Masters of the Eighteenth Century pg. 2

Multi Purpose Machines

Pinch Dogs

Making a Living In Woodworking

Making a Living In Woodworking pg.2Table saw taper jig

Plexiglas in a Woodshop

Solid Wood Edging For Plywood

Video - Making a raised panel with a hand plane

Video - Adjusting handmade planes

Video - the Joint Genie system

Video - Working wood in the 18th century

Improving the Effectiveness of Your Workbench

Cutting Circles From Wood



Sam Maloof: Woodworking Profile DVD Sam Maloof: Woodworking Profile DVD
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Sam Maloof: Woodworking Profile DVD

Keep in mind, even for the best of woodworkers, mistakes are made. There is a saying, "Cabinet making is the fine art of fixing boo boo's". The point here is that those mistakes are generally the best teachers. (as provided by the school of hard knocks). I have several PHD's., from this fine institution.

Since I have a bad memory, professional woodworking tips.com is basically a set of notes for me to refer back to when I forget how to do something!

Tip: If you have pride in your work, an item that meets your standards, more than likely, will exceed those of your clients, or spouse.

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