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Festool Random Orbit Sander


Festool Random Orbit Sanders

 Festool Random Orbit Sander. Having owned a number of sanders over the years, this is the first one we would do this with.  

  Festool Random Orbit Sander  Festool Random Orbit Sander  Festool Random Orbit Sander  Festool Random Orbit Sander

  Festool Random Orbit Sander  Festool Random Orbit Sander  Festool Random Orbit Sander  Festool Random Orbit Sander


The previous sanders we've owned, while quailty machines, we'd never consider sanding a very fine veneer, as shown in the pictures above. It would have cost us a a lot of time to repair or replace this door, had there been any boo boos. The grit being used herre is 400. It is the final sanding between coats, of pre catalized lacquer. The door, as seen in photo one would have been acceptable in most cases, but one more coat can't hurt.

Other machines I've owned, would have looked fine, until the final of clear was sprayed on. Then in the right light, you could see swirl marks all over the place. This was especially true of maple. It would drive me crazy. With this unit, not only are there no swirl marks, the dust evacuation systems works extremely well. Used in conjuntion with the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum turns on with the tool switch, and remains running for a few seconds after the tool is shut off.

Sanding discs are hook and loop, and if I recall correctly are available up to 2,500 grit, and are reasonibly priced.

I must admit, as other tool in my shop wear out, the first brand I'll review will be Festool. I base that on the four Festools I have, all of which are outstanding machines. The stacking cases well well engineered for the appropriate tool so that too enters into this decision as well. They're easy to roll into a jobsite, and help keep things organised, and accounted for.

All in all this tool line seems to very well designed, and it's obvious that people familiar with tools and there use, were involved in the process. I can't recall how often I've used a tool and wondered, outloud with the emphasis on load, what kind of *** idiot designed this ***** tool. Things that seemed just too much to believe that it made it from someones desk, through all the channels, and finally out on the market. I have to admit, I take note of that, and when I'm in the market for a new tool, the brand will be by passed.

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