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Festool Circular Saws

Festool Track Saws 

Surprisingly, as the inventor and manufacturer of the Ezee-Feed Infeed and Outfeed tables for table saws, I still find myself recommending Festool Track Saws, or Circular Saws.

While these saws don't have the convenience of use that a cabinet saw provides, and they are quite pricey, they are worth every penny. The engineering that went into them makes them truly a pleasure to use.

On occasion, a potential customer for my products will have specific needs that would be better served by a portable track saw system. While I'm not a big fan of turning away business, I'm also not going to mislead someone. Just not the way I do business.

So, as the owner of a Festool track saw and accessories, I can recommend them with complete confidence, knowing first hand that they will deliver cabinet quality results, while cutting sheet goods, such as plywood, or M.D.F., or Melamine.

When working in my own professional cabinet shop, we don't have much call to use this tool, since the shop is well equipped to handle sheet goods, which we do on a very regular basis.

There are times, however, especially at job sites, both for the cabinet business and in my construction business, that having a dependable and accurate method to cut sheet goods is essential to completing a project efficiently.

In these cases, the Festool Track Saw really shines. Being able to quickly and  for a cabinet or built in, is really an advantage. These saws are engineered to exacting standards, which make using them a breeze.

The cuts are perfectly straight and splinter free, whether you are ripping an 8' sheet on a ninety degree angle, or ripping a miter down the full length of the sheet. In either case, the cuts are perfect, every time.

Ripping a sheet down to make a mitered enclosure around a column wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when working on a jobsite. With the Festool Track Saw, it's not only easy, it's accuracy is 100% dependable. There's no wondering if the cut will come out right.

The Festool Track System, which is the heart of the accuracy, makes cutting straight so easy, it's pretty much fool proof. You simply lay the track on your cut line, clamp it in place with the special clamps that come with the kit, and set the saw onto the track. Since the saw base is molded to fit over the track, you can't go off the line.

The Festool saw itself is a plunge cut saw, meaning the motor is started, and the blade is lowered either into the work, for a plunge cut, or lowered and then feed into the work. Fortunately, this prevents the saw from being used as a standard circular saw. There's no way to cut rough framing with it. (which is a good thing, since that would likely destroy the accuracy pretty quickly).

These Festool Saws excel at cutting doors to size, since the anti slip strip on the underside of the track also prevents the veneer on the door from splintering.

Another advantage these saws provide is the ability to rip the edge of a board, (when used with the track), and get a jointer quality edge.

Oh, and one more thing...Using the Festool Track Saw, along with the dust collection system that is available as a kit, along woth the saw, your work space will be virtually dust free.

So, if you want a portable means of making perfectly straight, dust free cuts on plywood and other sheet goods, you owe it to yourself to consider one of these finely made tools.

These saws, in addition too being very safe, have accessories to make them cabinet quality.

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