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1.  In working with veneer, Tite Bond, type two, PVA glue can be applied to both work surfaces, then allowed to dry. The veneer can then be ironed onto the substrate with a household iron. (which you steal from your wife). This is useful for table legs, as it permits you to use a less expensive wood, like Poplar, and then cover them with an exotic wood veneer.

2.  Removing burn marks on your work pieces, created from cutters or blades, are easier to sand off, if you spray them with Mineral Spirits, and wet sand them.

3.  Wood is easier to carve or chisel, if you spray it with Mineral Spirits first. This softens the wood fibers, and allows them to be cut cleanly. In the case of carving, it will also give you some insight, as to what needs more work, as it shows what it will look like with a finish on it.

4.  Scribing layout lines for hand cut joints, like dovetails, instead of marking them with a pencil, will give your chisel a "seat", so it is much easier to get accurate results.

5.  The Dark spots on Cherry, are actually sugar deposit.

6. The business card magnets, given away by some companies are just the ticket for back of cabinet scrapers. They generate a lot of heat when being used, and burn your thumbs. The magnet absorbs the heat, and allows you to keep on going.



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