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Demilune Tables


Demilune Tables - part one

Demilune, or hall tables, are a great way to practice several woodworking techniques, and in the process, end up with a product with a large demand.
We often build these little tables to allow our creative juices to flow, as the combinations of design and available woods to experiment with, are seemingly endless.

  Demilune Tables  Demilune Tables 

 They are a great way to practice several woodworking skills, which often don't get used enough to develop master status on. A plus to this is they don't require a large amount of materials to make, or a large shop area to make them in. I'm told there is a big market, regarding the ability to sell them, but I have always just given them away.

Other than keeping in mind the overall rules of proportion, they can be sized according to the space they will live in, if you happen to know where it will end up.


The Fibonacci series of numbers all work together, and if you stay with them, regarding length versus width, as though it were a rectangle, it should look well balanced. As always. make a cardboard mock up of it, just to make sure. Feel is a large part of proportion, so after cutting something out, stand back and take a look at it.

When you have a size you're comfortable with, get a little creative with the front. Designing some curves to it can give it a nice touch. Our logo is a good sample of creating a unique front edge that will definitely add to the esthetic value of the project. (it does add some time to it as well, though). Since we approach these tables as skill honing excercses, we tend to get experimental with them.

In the way of materials, M.D.F. makes a great substrate, and is inexpensive. Depending on the desired thickness of the table, it will determine what combination of thicknesses to use. Our tables range from 7/8" to 1 1/2" thick. Again, different shapes will look better thin, (photo one, supplied by client), while others will look better with little meat to them. (photo two). When in doubt, the thickness can be decided upon, after the main shape is established. (Both of these tables were given away).

Once we have decided on a size and shape, we will make a template, which will allow us to reproduce the table. It won't necessarily get the same veneers, but the style will remain the same.

To be continued


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