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Custom Desk - page six

 After having turned the poplar leg blanks, they were veneered with the same veneer as the aprons of the desk. The technique used was to glue them with Uni-Bond adhesive, in a two step method. This topic will be covered in more depth in another article, but the thumb nail version is to glue about 3/4 of the way around the leg in the first step, trim the veneer to make a perfect seam, and then glue the remaining 1/4. They were glued in a vacuum bag for both steps.

  Custom Desk - page six  Bottom Recess


Notice in the above photos, the sides, or apron of the desk is forming a recess to permit the bottom to fit flush. This bottom had holes drilled into it to allow us to access the adjustment screws to raise or lower the granite, using a long screw driver. See photos below.

  Mahogany Bottom Piece  Bottom Mahogany Shaped  Bottom Mahogany Shaped

Once the bottom was attached we wrapped the perimeter of the desk with a thinner piece of Mahogany, and routed it with a smaller bit than used on the top. Finally it was a matter of shooting the desk with a conversion varnish, and assembling all the parts.  

The completed desk, as shown below was built for $ 12,000.00 dollars. While the client initially thought the price was somewhat outrageous, after seeing the completed project, commented he would expect to pay closer to $ 50,000.00 at a New York Gallery, and was quite happy with the purchase.

For us, the price was fair, as the time involved was considerable. On a project such as this, much time is used just in figuring the design and construction techniques to be used. We consider ourselves to be very lucky to get projects like this, as it's a challenge, and very rewarding, from a creative point of view. The photos don't really do the desk justice, as they are saved as gif files to aid in loading on the wedsite quickly. The surface of the veneer looks to be boiling, due to the figure in it.

  Completed Desk  Completed Desk 2  Completed Desk 3

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