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 Contact Cement

Contact Cement has limited uses in woodworking.

 Contact cement does have it's purposes, it's just nobody knows what it is. Just kidding. It has proven to be a valuble asset, and although has somewhat of a bad reputation, with cabinet and furniture makers, it can be handy to have around. We might use a quart of it over the course of a year.


It is great for a temporary bond to hold pieces together for you.

It is also the adhesive of choice for plastic laminates.

While it has limited use with veneering, if you do use it, use the flamable type, but follow all precautions, and work in a well ventilated area! Non flamable contact is water based, and will swell the veneer enough, to cause it to crack, once it's dried out.

One big disadvantage to it is the fact that is remains flexible, and will allow considerable movement. Also, some finishing products will soften the bond. 

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