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Completed Room with Avidiore Crotch Bar



Avidiore Bar Room

The entire room was transformed into a formal space. All Design work was done by K - Gallery, Art and Design. The Marble fireplace mantle, Onyx Counter on the bar, and the Limestone floor was done by Nick Kacic. Incidently, this is a husband and wife team. All construction and cabinetry was done by L. A. Jesberger, Inc.

Fireplace Mantle


The mantle itself was purchased by the client as the cost of hand carving this was considerable. The surrounding Limestone was hand carved.

Note the opening in the ceiling in front of the Mantle. The is a 10 foot wide screen for a projection television activated by remote control.  

Design renderings for room


Rooms such as these begin the transformation with design renderings. Without the use of these renderings, many clients would not know what the final result would look like.  It is difficult for many clients to picture the final product based soley on blueprints.

Our work is often priced using these renderings as a starting point. We then transfer much of the detail to Auto Cad drawings for more precise pricing and sizing. As much of our work in done off site in the shop, the Cad drawings are a critical part of the process.

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