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Carving Introduction

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Wood carving can be both relaxing, and frustrating, and do it at the same time!

 Carving, while relaxing, can also be a frustrating skill to learn. Probably, it's a good idea to get a scrap of soft wood, and just start playing. Points to keep in mind would be to carving away from your body. This seems obvious, but go to any emergency room and see how obvious it really is. The way most people learn to do something, becomes habit. With this in mind, learn the right way, from the start, and carve away from you.


Also, trying to carve with dull tools will increase the chances of poking yourself with the tools. This is due to having to push too hard and losing control. Practice sharpening your tools, and it will pay off in almost every aspect of woodworking. There are protective gloves that can be worn on the hand without the chisel, so if you do slip, you won't do too much harm.

Carving something in a vertical position can lead to poking yourself in the eye, if you slip. This is not a good thing, so try to never carve in this position. If you must, wear safety glasses.



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