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Building a Small Entertainment Center

Making A Compass Rose Inlay Or Marquetry Pattern

As the project is coming close to being finished, and I can get a feel for the final look, I thought a design in the two ends of the top would look good. That would mean remaking the two end pieces, but if it adds to the piece, I think it is worth the added time.


Initially I though maybe a different veneer on the ends would help, but after laying some pieces of veneers on the top, I was afraid it wouldn't look good. Then the idea of a design came to mind, specifically a compass rose. Using some Curly Anigre and some Curly Maple, I cut some 1" wide strips. I attached the together with veneer tape on the front, and some titebond 2 on the back, at the seam. I rubbed the glue into the joint until it was dry. Each strip was long enough to get two pieces from.

Joining veneer strips  Template for Compass Rose

Since I'm a big fan of making templates to increase accuracy and speed, I made a plexiglass template to use to cut around. It's a good idea to color them with a marker, since laying it down could end up taking you a fair amount of time to find it again. I did misplace it a couple times, only to find out it was right in front of me the whole time. Doh! After I had assembled nine strips, (one for boo boo's), I used a scalpel to cut around the template.

Pieces cut with template  Assembled Rose  Compass Rose

The assembled rose is just laying loosely so don't look for perfect joints, or for the piece to be dead centered.

A fellow Lumberjock, and Master Wood Carver, Roger Strautman emailed me, suggesting a border be place around the design. This was a well received idea, and I did come up with a border pattern that I believe would look great.

The bad news is my Boss, (wife), is fighting me on adding any detail to the tops. She says she loves the design, but she won't be able to put anything on them, and it would be too much going on. I think she just enjoys ruining my fun!

She did however suggest that I make her a couple small tables with this design, to use as end tables. (Ain't gonna happen anytime soon!)

To be continued...


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