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Building Base Cabinets For Kitchens


Building Base Cabinets For Kitchens - part five 

  Now, finally it's time to assemble all these parts. One more thing you'll need to prepare, are corner braces. That is if you do as we do. Notice I haven't mentioned the backs of the cabinets yet. This is because we don't add the backs until the cabinet interiors are finished. (we use spray equipment for this, so the backs would hinder this operation). Using 1/4" luan plywood, also known as underlayment, rip strips about 2 1/4" wide. Then, at the miter saw, cut pieces about eight or ten inches long, with opposing 45 degree angles on both ends. (like a picture frame).


Assembling the kitchen cabinets

These will hold the cabinets square and stable through the finishing process. These corner braces can be reused many times. When they become so riddled with brad holes, we cut a 1/2" off both ends, and keep on using them. Another thing you'll want to have on hand or strips of 3/4" plywood, to act as temporary feet. This will keep the veneers of the plywood sides from being damaged during handling and shipping. (or moving into your kitchen).

Tools to have on hand for the assembly process varies with what you have available, but here's a list of what we use.

2 cordless drills. 1 fitted with a combo countersink and drill bit, and 1 fitted with a number two Phillips tip.

Yellow glue in a glue bottle.

Biscuits, of the appropriate size.

Damp sponge, to wipe the glue off your hands.

Brad Nailer, with 2" brads.

2" - #8 drywall screws.

Putty Knife to clean up any glue runs.

During the kitchen cabinet assembly, any excess glue that squeezes out should be left alone, until in congeals. Attempting to wipe it off with a wet sponge, or cloth will force it into the grain, and make the staining and finishing process more difficult. Thus the reason for a small bead of glue. After the glue has congealed, it's easy to remove with a putty knife by sliding the knife parallel with the glue.

Written by: Lee A. Jesberger © 2006 - 2010
Inventor of: Ezee-Feed Systems ®

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