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Which Material is Best for Wardrobe Doors


Wardrobe Doors

When redecorating your bedroom, the overall design and arrangement of furniture will naturally be a priority - but what about the materials? Items such as wardrobes are designed to perform a practical purpose whilst looking attractive, and that means the choice of material needs to be selected carefully.


Wooden doors

Whether your bedroom is traditional or modern, you can find wooden doors that will look fantastic. If you’re going for a modern, fresh feel then choose a lighter wood, such as pine. More luxurious woods, such as mahogany or cherry, are better suited to those who want to make wood a stand-out feature of their bedroom.

It is also important to consider what type of trend you want to follow when it comes to wardrobe doors. Those that open out are perfect if you’re going for a vintage or traditional feel, whilst a great space-saving and modern option is sliding doors.

The internal storage components of your wardrobe should also be considered, as you can combine modern fittings such as shoe racks with traditional shelves and clothes rails.

Glass doors

Glass is a fantastic material for bedrooms because it’s sleek, fresh and
easy to keep clean. If you’re opting for glass sliding doors then make sure you take the finish into account.

Clear glass will create a large surface that reflects light, giving your
room a brighter and more airy feel. However, if you don’t want to keep the contents of your cupboards looking perfect at all times, then opt for smoky or black glass which does a great job of hiding any mess whilst still reflecting light.

For a modern twist, consider adding spotlights to the interior of your
wardrobe. These can be fitted to the underside of shelves or above the
doors to increase visibility and enhance style.

Mirrored doors

If you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom then mirrored wardrobe doors are another great choice. The reflective surface increases the light in your room, creating the illusion of space.

Be careful not to go overboard though, as having too many mirrors in one room can be overpowering. If you have other large mirrors in the room then consider a different material for your wardrobe doors.

Papered doors

This year, vintage and retro designs are definitely big trends in interior
design. One way to inject a vintage feel into your bedroom is with papered wardrobe doors. You can find lots of companies offering bespoke papered doors or you can do it yourself with some vintage or designer wallpaper.

This technique only works on surfaces that can be “roughed up”; like wood or MDF. You’ll need to sand your doors before you paper them to provide a key for the paper to stick to.

A great feature of this design is you can change the paper design to
reflect different styles as your tastes change – providing unbridled



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