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Band Sawing Lumber

Band sawing lumber has several applications...

 As the sentence above would suggest, there are a number of times when the band saw is just the right tool for the job. As the blade holds the work down on the work surface, chances of a kickback are nil. Therefore it is often a good place to start, with a badly bowed board. Generally speaking, only a foot or two actually needs to be trimmed from each end in order to end up with a relatively straight piece of wood. Then jointing the edge will be a much quicker process.


There are people working with lesser quality band saws, and yet their work is superb. And we also have people, working with the fine machines, and still can't cut a straight line to save their butt. Practice, practice, practice. Helps, but isn't the only answer.

To get the most from a band saw, like any machine, it must be tuned. A poorly tuned saw will lead to frustrating results, regardless of the effort put in. The good news is that tuning a band saw is a relatively simple task. In a nut shell, the wheels must be parallel, and in line with each other. The rubber must be in good condition, and slightly crowned. The blade needs to be square to the table, (unless cutting a bevel), and the guides or bearings must be set right.

This information, as well as how to tune other woodworking machines can be found in Mark Duginske's book and video combo. Produced by Taunton Press, the information contained in this set is well presented, VERY informative, and Mark's woodworking abilities are nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend the set.


Mastering Woodworking Machines, Fine Woodworking DVD Mastering Woodworking Machines, Fine Woodworking DVD
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Mastering Woodworking Machines, Fine Woodworking DVD

Mark has also patented several accessories for the band saw, and they're high quality.

The band saw excels at cutting curves, rough shaping parts, and resawing lumber. It is a very safe machine to work with.

Part of the trick to getting good results in cutting is to look at the line about a quater of an inch in front of the blade. If you're watching the blade cut the wood, it's too late to react to wandering off the line. Often, it's faster to cut outside the line, and the sand or plane to the line. As you're experience grows, you'll be able to control the cut well enough to cut right at the line.

Resawing wood is done with the board on edge, and held against a tall fence, or resaw accessory. (one of Mark's patented items). This method can be used to get book matched panels, or for cutting veneers.

Cutting circles as small as a quarter are possible, as are larger circles. Large circles are best accomplished with a circle cutting jig, as it is finished very quickly, and accurately.

Written by: Lee A. Jesberger © 2006 - 2013
Inventor of: Ezee-Feed Systems ®


Band Saws, Accessories, and Books

Band Saw Books (books)

Tips and techniques to get the most out of your band saw.


The Bandsaw Book 
The Bandsaw Book
Band Saw Handbook 
Band Saw Handbook
Mastering Your Bandsaw, Fine Woodworking DVD 
Mastering Your Bandsaw, Fine Woodworking DVD


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Band Saw Riser Blocks Band Saw Riser Blocks
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Band Saw Riser Blocks


Carter Band Saw Guides Carter Band Saw Guides
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Carter Band Saw Guides








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