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About Us 


 About Us 

We are just a couple guys who are very much into working with some of the wonders of nature... WOOD!

We started working together almost twenty five years ago! (I haven't aged at all, but look at Bruce)!

You are safe to assume we are not mentally stable, (according to our wives), who are unable to understand how it could be possible we work in the shop all day, our lively hood,  and then take a coffee break, and return to the shop. Our hobby. Same shop, same project, different attitude.


Since I'm fortunate enough to have a professional cabinet shop in my back yard, complete with, (almost), all the professional toys a person could want, I often find myself in the shop until the very wee hours of the morning. My two boxers refuse to go to bed while I'm still out there, so they stand at my side and bark, until I give up. (stupid dogs)! Well, at least I do get some sleep! (just for the record, I'm not working with machinery at this hour, because my fingers won't grow back either). If you read the previous page, that will mean something.

Check up our write up in Tool King. Written By Jude Herr.


   Bruce Driscoll         Lee A. Jesberger

My partner in crime is Bruce Driscoll. He's not allowed out that late, so he rarely stays too late. (and he does have an hour ride home).


All kidding aside, we are professional cabinet makers and furniture makers. We are fortunate enough to have a client list which provides us the opportunity to build some really incredible stuff. Our coffee breaks often results in us sitting at the bench, just staring at what we're building at the time. And wondering why we're getting paid to do this. And sometimes, why were not getting paid more to do this! (We often build things in the name of practice, and just give it away to make room in the shop for the next challenge).

Our goal here is to learn from you, and maybe teach some of you a few woodworking tips too. We will also try to pass on contacts we've made over the years, in the way of suppliers. As this woodworking ezine develops, we'll break it down into categories, to make for easy navigating to subject matter and supply sources.

Well that's about it for now. We truly look forward to hearing from you on the forum!

Written by: Lee A. Jesberger © 2006 - 2010
Inventor of: Ezee-Feed Systems ® 

Pro Woodworking Tips.com.
Pro Woodworking Tips.com is a woodworking site built by a long time amateur, turned professional woodworker. It was created in effort to pass along free tips, techniques and woodworking plans.

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